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LIVE Global Internet Music Weekly Show

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The Vibe for Live

​​Our Jeff's Place Producer is looking for the next singing superstars!  Do you believe you have what it takes? He wants to hear what you’ve got and share your voice with the world!

Jeff's Place is a LIVE Global Internet Platform with LIVE Music

Jeff's Place is a place for your talent to be discovered by our global community. Whether you are the performer or the songwriter or both, being on Jeff's Place can be your big break!  You will be performing in front of our global virtual studio audience.


Well, everything about singing, I learned from busking. Everything I learned about songwriting, I learned from busking. - Glen Hansard

Artist Benefits
  • Perform on a LIVE segment of Jeff's Place.

  • Performers will receive the recording of their performance with the addition of their individual interview.  This recording can be used in their social media marketing.

  • Each Artist, on their performance day, will share their preferred link to receive tips DIRECTLY from our audience.

  • Each Artist will provide links to their social media which we will share throughout their performance.

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Patti [ Scialfa] was an artist and a musician and she was a songwriter. And she was a lot like me in that she was transient also. She worked busking on the streets in New York. She waitressed. She had - she just lived a life - she lived a musician's life. She lived an artist's life. So we were both people who were very uncomfortable in a domestic setting, getting together and trying to build one and seeing if our particularly strange jigsaw puzzle pieces were going to fit together in a way that was going to create something different for the two of us. And it did. - Bruce Springsteen

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About Us

What is Jeff's Place?

Jeff's Place is a LIVE Global Internet Channel with LIVE Music.  


Jeff's Place provides opportunities for musicians to do what they love and connect to a LIVE global audience.


Jeff's Place is a platform for established artists to drop by and perform. 

Jeff's Place will begin with 2 hours of live programming once a week.  Our hours of live programming will increase over time.

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Featured Musicians who have performed on Jeff's Place

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Upcoming Events
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